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** Please note that the Adult Mixed Doubles Leagues will resume play on Mondays.  The Adult Mixed Singles Leagues will play on Wednesday and Fridays*

Adult Mixed Singles League:          

Dates & Times:  Wednesday and Friday evenings starting at 6:30 pm until 9:30  pm.

For players of all levels, matches are based on player ratings and past performance to ensure even competition. Matches last 1 hour  Players sign up every week for the evening(s) that they wish to play. Scores are not posted.

Ladies Drop In Round Robin play:       

Dates & Times:  Tuesday starting at 9 am until 11 am.

For Ladies of all levels. Registration through your account is required.

Mens Drop In Round Robin play:       Dates & Times:  Mondays and Thursdays at 9 am until 11 am. Registration through your account is required.

Monday Round Robin Doubles League:    

Dates & Times:  Monday evenings starting at 6:30 pm for 1 1/2 hour sessions.  

Runs from mid-May through to end of September

Players new to the league will need to provide their player rating prior to starting.  The League will accomodate all levels of play from beginner to advanced.  During the season matches will be scheduled based on your rating and results. Sets will be played in a round robin format.  Each session will be 1 1/2 hour in length and arranged so that players are matched against other players of similar rating.  The first 10 minutes of each session will be allocated for warm up, and remainder of time is allocated for match play.  

There is no weekly committment for this league.  An email will be sent out by the administrator each week to determine who is available to play and then a Schedule is posted online.  


For general enquiries email: haltonhillstennisinfo@gmail.com

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